Buyback strategy

suppose I have ONGC at 500 shares @ 170 in my zerodha account. After record date I am eligible for buyback with 300 shares(assume). Can I make new account in other broker and buy 300 shares from market at 140 rate to offer for buyback at 159 and keep my zerodha shares as it is?
Is buyback attached to Pan card or broker too?

@Ronak_Mota: you must offer shares in buyback from same demat account where you held on record date .Demat account has nothing to do with broker but surely Pan no.

You dont really have to buy shares from a different broker. You can add more quantity from the same broker and reduced your buy average.
Only offer those 300 shares which you are eligible for as per the record date.
ONGC is offering an acceptance ratio of 60%?:thinking: Interesting!

Using same broker due to FiFo it shows loss. Better to have another account with less than buyback price cost. But if it tracks demat account too rather than Pan then no chance for this strategy to work out.