Buying a stock at a price higher than LTP to break a resistance line

Lets assume I have bought 100 units of a certain stock for 100$ each,and my target is 110$. The stock keeps increasing and gets stuck at 105$ because of a strong resistance line, it keeps hitting 105 goes back to 104 and keeps oscillating, (assume some traders algo is causing this).

Now what if I place an order at 106$ for lets say 20 units of that stock, and since its higher than LTP it will get executed immediately and the LTP will now show 106$. This will mean the resistance is broken and naturally algos/traders will go in a buying frenzy and I can hit my target of 110$, will this strategy work, does this have a name? I guess the same strategy could be applied to break support lines.

If you place Market Order, it will be executed at LTP, If you place Limit Order at 106, market will have to reach that price for your order to get the fill. Either way you cannot do anything to break the resistance unless market maker wants it broken.

oh ok i get it, my buy order will get matched with lower offers first, thanks