Buying a stock which is hiting upper circuit

I need to buy a stock which hits upper circuit at the opening. Eventhough reasonable quantity is getting traded, my request everytime goes to “Pending”. How can i buy this stock?

a. Putting AMO order @ 3:45:00 PM or Pre Market order at 9:00:00 AM
b. What time exactly should i place the pre market order? Is it at 8:59:59: AM?
c. Which one is better to place the order? web application or mobile app.

Any tips or suggestion would be extremely helpful.

I guess this kind of an is asked n answered before. Search the forum

You can search the forum for answers, there has been lot of discussion on topics like this.

Both are the same.

place order at 9:00:00 for quickest execution of ur order

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If you place order at 9:00:00, Zerodha will take 15 seconds at least to processed and order will be in OPEN state in about 9:00:15-20. This is due to large influx of volume of orders at 9:00:00.

Yes, exactly. How to overcome this problem, there are people who are successful in completing the orders.

I’ll say luck. If your order somehow gets into OPEN state by 9:00:01-02, you’ll have higher chances of getting your order fulfiled. However, Zerodha can’t do this (unfortunately). Try your luck with another broker or maybe get NSE membership and punch order by yourself into exchange (pretty expensive way though).