Buying in NSE and Selling in BSE

Today I bought 100 shares of one scrip in NSE @ 172/- & sold 100 in BSE @173.5 . Both orders were CNC. I did this because there was price difference in NSE & BSE. Now its showing +100 share in NSE & -100 shares in BSE. Suppose I don’t do any further transaction today. How it will be settled at the end of the day?

For intraday trading, If you buy in NSE you have to sell in NSE only. You sold in BSE, it means short sell. You have to face penalty if you not cover today.


You will have to sq off both positions in respective exchanges to avoid short delivery in you short trade and take delivery in your buy trade.


If I buy same company shares in BSE & NSE and get delivery. It shows them differently in my trading account. Can sell share bought in BSE in NSE and vice-versa after getting delivery.?

Yes, you can do, after the stocks credited in your Demat account. After stocks credited in demat, you can sell in any exchange.