Buying Index Options from 200rs away

How do I buy an index option (Example Nifty CE 18000) when Nifty50 index is at a point (Example when Nifty50 is at 18220)?

you type nifty 18000 ce and buy with the money you have in trading account.

To buy a put/call option you need the margin = price * quantity (Nifty - 50/Banknifty - 25). Steps to buy any option:

  1. Go to the watchlist on the Kite app
  2. Search for the index option you want to buy. for eg Nifty 18000 ce Nov (month end expiry).
  3. click on buy
  4. Select whether you want to buy a CNC or Intraday order.
  5. Click on buy. It will show in your positions tab

Adding a link to a more detailed guide on options buying - How to add instruments to the marketwatch?

Since options are risky instruments, it is suggested you develop a proper understanding of these instruments before trading in them.
Adding link to learn options - Buying a Call Option – Varsity by Zerodha

If you are referring to entering specific strikes ITM or OTM options away from the ATM then you can use the Dynamic contract feature to select the Strikes to offset from ATM and get an entry in the selected strike.

For your example if the Nifty 50 index is at 18220 then you can select the strike offset as -4 to select the 4 strikes ITM option, as the Nifty strikes are placed at 50 points difference, the 18000CE strike will be selected as per your requirement. Refer to the below link to learn more about the Dynamic contract function- Dynamic Contract - Streak Help

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