Buying Price to be High of BUY Candle in super trend

Hi @MaheshSMY @Victor

Please note that your requirement can not be implemented in a single condition currently. This is because a candle marking feature will be required to create the conditions in a single line. The feature is already a part of our roadmap and will be released with our future updates.

Meanwhile, as a workaround, you can write the conditions “Close(-1) crosses above Supertrend(7,3,-1) and Close(0) higher than High(-1) + 3

The above conditions will trigger an entry when in the previous candle the Supertrend has turned green and the current candle closes above the high+3 points of the previous candle

Now, if in the current 5min candle the high if the previous candle is not broken and you want an entry if the high is broken in the next candle then you will have to increase the offset respectively. You can refer to the below link where we have created the conditions for 5 candles. (i.e. the Supertrend breakout candle high is broken in the next 5 candles.

You can add more conditions by increasing the offset respectively and adding the ‘OR’ after each condition.

To learn more about the offset feature through the below link-

Hope this helps.