Buying/selling of shares while circuits

How to purchase/sell a share while it is hitting its lower/upper circuit regularly?

When a circuit hits an upper circuit, there are only buyers, no sellers. But if there is someone willing to sell which is unlikely the order will go through even the stock has hit the circuit and vice versa.

There are certain stocks which open circuit up or down right at the market open the only thing you can do in such a case is to place an AMO order and pray. Nothing else you can do.

Noob here. So I may be wrong. But IINM, the best possibility of getting an order filled in these cases is to place your order in the Pre-Open session as soon as the clock strikes 9.

AMOs get sent at 9.15 & hence will most likely not get filled.

Not anymore… AMO’s are sent at 9:00 by Zerodha…

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Wow, that’s good news indeed. Thanks for clarifying.