Buying & Selling stock without stop loss

Suppose I placed a CNC limit order 100 shares of ICICI Bank @ 250. Currently it is trading at 248. and it will get executed when it reaches @ 250 and the share will be credited in my account. But before it is executed @ 250, can I place sell order also @ 251? Though my buy order has still not executed. This is based on the assumption that stock price would reach @ 251, which is my sell order.

if the share price is trading at 248 and you want to buy it for limit price of 250, you should place a SL LIMIT order with trigger price of 250. Limit order placed for 250 when price is 248 will be instantly executed.

Yes, you can place sell order at 251 also.


I guess, you need to place SL - L order for the case, but requires more margin.

As you have mentioned a trigger price of 250, so, in this case whether my price would be more than this?
Now suppose if share price is trading @ 252 and I want to buy it at 250 and sell it at 251. Then how to execute the trade?

If the share price is 252, you can place a simple limit order to buy at 250. for profit booking, you can wait till your buy order is executed and then place simple limit order for 251. Else, it can cause issues.
Example. share price at 252. you’ve placed simple buy order at 250. And you’ve placed sell order at 251. If the share dips for 1 rupee and reaches 251, your sell order will execute first and may/may not reach 250 [your buy order].
i see where you are going with this. The solution for you is Bracket/Cover order…Not sure if is available for CNC orders. Look it up at zerodha.