Buying & selling the same share in intraday over and over again.

I have started trading on zerodha, I’ve been in the market for just over a week now and I had a doubt about something.
Whenever I buy or short a stock for intraday as an MIS Order and I exit my position, the P&L stops at a certain amount. Later if I see another opportunity to buy or short the same stock and if I try to buy or short the same stock, It opens my previously exited position again (as I mentioned above) , and the P&L starts changing for the same stock and I get no clue about where my earlier profit goes and what is the p&l data for the recent transaction and often my profits have ended up in loses due to this…can someone explain what has happened here?

Next time you’ve to do this, do it on a different exchange. Say earlier you had transacted on NSE, switch to BSE and vice versa.
This way it will open a different position and you’ll be able to keep tab of both transactions.

Each trade, each buy and sell is different, as it is the same stock the P/L changes, so if your first trade is profitable of 100 rupees, and if your second trade is a loss of 110 rupees, your total P/L is -10.

If the two trades are in two different stocks, you will see those stock names, but the P/L will still be -10.

Thank you so much that really helped.