Buying SGB in secondary market

Yes, me too didn’t received yet.

Yes. Mail and credit too. Have you bought this in primary or secondary market? Do you receive dividends from other stocks in your bank account?

I have bought from Secondary market through Zerodha. I don’t have any other stocks( hence no dividends). So far I have invested only in the SGBAUG28. I am beginner in investing :wink:

I checked the bank account details in the CDSL, that looks correct. Not sure what is going wrong

Its not an issue with bank account, I am receiving dividends without any problem.

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I am assuming you are able to see the units in CDSL…

Yes those are present in my Demat account and these units were purchased between month of Sept to Nov 2020.
Even CDSL monthly CAS statement showing all units.

Today I got my SGB AUG 28 half(2.5%) interest credited by CDSL

Yes, me too received today.

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I have also received it by today…

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I want to know, if i buy sgb from secondary market will i get intrest of 2.5% ,
At what base price intrest is calculated, cmp or issue of trench ?
@nithin @ShubhS9 @Bhuvan

Yes, you are eligible to receive interest.

Interest will be calculated on issue price.

Thanks @shubhS9 and @Pawan1 for this discussion. It is quite helpful for people like me who have just started.

for interest pay out, is there any fix date or one has to hold that bond for certain no of days ie 1 yr or 6 month?

In case if it is to be paid on a fix date, how many days before do I need to buy it and what is the impact on its NAV/trading price before and after interest payout?

This thread has some answers.

Can a Private Limited company purchase and hold SG Bonds and receive Interest?
Asking this because some where in the offer document I read that they can be applied be a specific category of Investors and I have not found Private Ltd companies in that list (may be I missed it).


I believe there are no restrictions to buy from secondary markets. @mohitmehra can you confirm.

As per reply from [email protected], person resident in India as defined under Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 are eligible to invest in SGB -

* Link to form referenced in the above email

As per the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) (Page 4-5), a company is also considered as a person and can be considered to be a “person resident in India” if it is incorporated in India (for more information, refer to this) -


@shubhS9 i purchase SGB it is in Demat format can i convert it in Physical SGB ? If yes let me know the process.

RBI has stopped issuing certificates for Sovereign Gold Bonds units purchased through the demat (online) mode since April 2020.

You can check the SGBs using CDSL’s Easi portal (it’s like a permanent residence of your holdings) :slight_smile: