Buying shares and ownership

As im a person interested in shares,real estates and cars.but still now does not own any shares i would like to start buying the shares in LANCOR Holdings a 104 Crore realty developer  chennai,bangalore they develop every share of a company represents ownership.the reason for choosing this company is their capital is very less compared to other like prestige estates,shoba etc,its geographically located in my city,i like realty.

my doubts are,

1.after buying share Equity can visit their sites and inspect about designs,quality,sale price,office and enquire about future projects etc?

2.if anybody ask about my profession can i  tell that im a share holder in LANCOR?

3.if suppose i acquire large numbers of shares for example, can i work with their company?

1.You can get it from company website and to get special attention should have a sizeable shares of the company to get in depth details.

2 can be said you are a shareholder but not as profession.

  1. No you cannot work in the company.You are only a investor in company’s view and will get share in company profits as dividend
1 Like how much shares should i acquire to get special attention.