By mistake did 3 intraday transaction so now business income?

I have a main source of income other than stocks. I mainly invest in MF. Some in stocks.

I was switching between smallcases and thus got 3 intraday transactions. Now I accidentally have 3 intraday transactions (total gains is less than 20 rupees)

Last FY I filed my income from equity MF as capital gains. The varsity post says

but whatever stance you take, you should continue with it in the future years as well

So I should show it as capital gain, right?

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20 Rs. is negligible, you can ignore it. Stock or equity mutual fund profits are treated as capital gains.

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Hey @Aseem_Bansal

Since there are only 3 Intraday transaction and profit is also less than INR 20, you can ignore that and continue to file ITR 2 i.e Capital Gains from Mutual Funds as you did in the previous financial year.

Hope this helps!

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