Calculation for total points needed to breakeven for any instrument/segment

Hello, I have traded in OTC forex where I had to pay only the spread as brokerage, so I needed only that many pips to break even. For Indian markets, what is the calculation. I referred to your calculator, very helpful indeed, however to reach breakeven it only shows the number of points required to achieve rupee value of the total brokerage + other mandatory charges. What about the difference in bid and ask? For example currently silver mini is showing an average difference of 5-10 points and bank nifty at 2-4 points between bid and ask. So breakeven points required would be at …difference in bid and ask + brokerage + other mandatory charges, Right?

P.S. I always trade at market price. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, the brokerage calculator doesn’t take into consideration the spread, and yes you will have to add that spread to the brokerage+other charges, to get your exact breakeven point, especially since you trade only at market.


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Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply and clearing my doubt.