Calendar Spread - Risk Analysis

I am new to Trading/Investing in general. Been a while and learning new strategies and techniques and everything. Currently learning about Option Strategies. So, had a query regarding it.

For ex. Scenario:

I buy Long CALL Let’s say 18300CE expiring at 25th Nov as well as sell CALL Let’s say 18000CE expiring on 21st Oct.

So, what will be my maximum loss in this case? I am expecting loss of the premium paid by buying the CALL. But that should get offset by my premiums collected by the Sell Call if I am not wrong. So, I want to understand how to get a approx idea of the P&L in this case.

@Arijit_Sen You can use tools like Opstra or Sensibull, build your strategies there and can see P&L there.

For the above mentioned strategy, P&L looks like this.