Call and Trade Charges

Hi team,

Will there be call & trade charges for the out of the margin option contract left on the expairy day @ 0.05

Open MIS position will be squared-off by RMS if you haven’t done so by cut-off time of 3:25 PM, on this there will be Call and Trade charges.

If your position is in NRML, then you can leave it to expire, there will be no Call and Trade charges in this case.

Hi Team,

I have left commodity MIS positon open on monday i.e 16th nov and the same been squared off by zerodha. But checking my ledger I could see call & trade charges been charged on 17th. Is it by mistake I got charged on next trading day insted of Tday? Please clarify.

As i remember, there were no ‘auto square off charges’ for MIS.
From when this was introduced? why is it charged differently (more charges)? is it like software usage charges (saas charges)? or something else?
anyway zerodha gets the brokerage, why charge more and term it ‘call and trade’ charges?
(Note: I have been charged about 1400 for one day as ‘call and trade charges’. which seems too much over and above all the transaction costs)

An explanation is appreciated.