Call option and put option delta different

  1. Iam using Zerodha B & S calculator to calculate greeks of options below for Nifty now…Why is that for the same Spot and strike price the Call option delta is more than the put option delta ? Ideally should’nt it be 0.5 both sides as probability for the ATM to go in the money is same both sides mathematically … Can someone pls help … Thanks
    I used the following to calcualte it… Sorry Iam unable to attach anything
    Spot - 11500
    Strike - 11500
    Expiry - 25/04/19
    Volatility - 15%
    Interest - 6.4%
    Dividend - 0

  2. Also can I rely on Zerodha B&S calculator tool to take delta neutral positions using options and futures ?
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Short answer. They will not be the same if the interest rate is non-Zero.