Call/Put Options Basics

Dear Zerodha,

I Know trading intraday/delivery but i need to get understand about call/put options basics with genuine examples. I’ve searched net it’s bit confusing. I need stepwise with example explanation. Also, Please guide How much amount should be present in our a/c for a particular scrip/index with examples.

Please advice on Risks/Benefits of Call/Put Options with examples.

Also Explain about Expiry of the contract for any particualr scrip, What happens if Expiry of a stock.

Can we trade call/put option on State Bank of India, Cipla, Concor, Reliance, CNX PHARMA, BANK NIFTY, NIFTY MID CAP, CNX PSE etc… ?

How to call/put option in Zerodha nest trader software ?

Please answer all my questions.

With Warm Regards,


Nagesh…all these questions and more will be answered in Varsity - Suggest you stay tuned.

For time being check out this module

Once zerodha varsity is ready with all modules, please go through varsity. It will be really clarifying all your doubts.