Can a french live in india open a margin account with us broker?

Hi guys,

I would like to know if a french who live in india (pondichery) as a resident of india can open a margin account. A margin account is much better for my trading style than cash account. I make about 10 trades per day very quickly.

Next year, i will live in india for my family quiet a time, and my job is so trading otc stocks and nasdaq, nyse stocks.

Anybody have experienced this issue, please?

As per my knowledge you won’t be able to as LRS will apply to you.
If the money is earned in India you can’t but if earned from abroad & not brought back to India you can do.

Thank you sir, i have conacted interacive brokers, and they that i can’t have margin as a resident of india.

But do you heard anything trading through llc company to get a margin account( trading nasdaq market)


As Indian resident one can’t have margin account under LRS.

Ok it’s not cool,
what about offshore brokers that are not regulated by sebi?

thanks anyway for your quick response

can an indian live in france and trade through kite app?

i don’t think so

That’s grey area, ideally it is not allowed.

Yes, a NRI can.

alright, do you guys think if the leverage one day will be canceled ?
And so margin account allowed

Yes you can. I live in Singapore and trade regularly on kite web and mobile app.

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Do u chill there?