Can a NRI trade like a resident Indian with his/her NRO account?

As per new RBI circular Dated 16th Sep 2016 which mentions that NRI can trade like an resident Indian using his NRO account. What is the procedure and document needed to start?

Yes, It's Possible

During account opening send a trading and demat account form (choose residential status as NRI or Person of Indian origin) along with your NRO savings account cancelled cheque leaf as a proof and your attested international address proof. 

You are also required to sign and send a copy of the FATCA declaration and FEMA declaration forms

For more info check this Link

Is this option still available? Other brokers like Geojith & SBI Caps offering NRO Trading with same brokerage as of Resident Account

Hi @shajian,
We’re currently not opening Non-PIS account since there is a lot of manual processes, like the calculation of TDS which was done by the bank in case of PIS. At the rates we work, there is no bandwidth to support such manual work. We recommend that you come through the PIS route.