Can any one guide what is the difference between spot nifty and nifty future.?

NIFTY SPOT - This is the first word that every new investor comes across while investing in stock market. Most of the people really get confused between shares and Nifty 50 Index. .

Nifty is an Index of 50 shares introduced by National Stock Exchange of India, it contains 50 major company's shares trading in stock exchange. The name NIFTY itself contains 2 words `National` and `FIFTY` they word 50 is used because of 50 shares in it from 24 sectors like pharma, cements, steel, FMGC, petro.... and so on. So Nifty figure is calculated on the bases of 50 shares in it which NSE shuffles it time to time as per company performance. An index is basically an indicator. It gives you the basic idea weather most of the stocks/shares are moving up or down so according investors can make position in stock market.

National stock exchange is the biggest and the most popular stock exchange in the country. There are other stock exchanges in country like Bombay stock exchange, Delhi stock exchange, Bangalore stock exchange but they are not popular due to low trading in them. So most of the traders prefer trading in NSE or BSE as they purchase or sell share whenever they feel like.

CNX Nifty is owned and managed by India Index Services a nd Products Ltd. (IISL). IISL is India's first specialised company focused upon the index as a core product.

NIFTY FUTURE - Now you must have come across with other same word NIFTY FUTURES. Well all above you have read is actually Nifty Spot which is a weighted average of 50 stocks, but if you want to trade in it then you can not, for that exchange has introduced NIFTY FUTURES. If a trader wants to trade in Nifty futures then the minimum share lot is 25 which exchanges keeps on revising as per the value of Nifty futures.​ The price of Nifty spot and Nifty varies from time to time sometimes it comes in premium or on discount. It varies because of traders position in it.​

In short you can't trade in SPOT but you can trade in FUTURES. I'm talking about Index SPOT and FUTURES.

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Ya great knowledge about Nifty and Nifty Spot.! But now nifty futures lot size is 75!