Can any one tell me the difference between the following two scinario?

1st scenario: I buy xyz mutual fund using Sip on 1st jan by giving 1st time rs 5000 and after that rs 1000 every month.Now 1st day of every month rs 1000 will be deducted from my account.

2nd scenario:I buy xyz mutual fund using investing minimum lumpsum amount rs 5000 on 1st jan rather than sip.then 1st day of every month I additionally add rs 1000 to the mutual fund.
What is difference between the two scenario?Please let me know… Thanks in advanced.
Please guide @nithin @Bhuvanesh @BharatW

Works exactly the same, no difference. In the 1st scenario, you don’t have to remember to come back 1st of every month to invest.

Thank you @nithin for your promt reply.

In your 1st case : “Set it and forget it”.
In your second case : “Invest as per your comfort level”. Anyway your return will be exactly same for the time period. In some particular funds I prefer the second case.