Can anybody explain me what happens if I put sell stop loss order for my CNC buy order?


I haven’t tried this, But I want to know before I do

  1. I bought a script of 100rs in CNC

  2. Suppose I have created a CNC Sell order of Stop Loss - M at 95 trigger

Question : On some day(say for example after 10 days) script went down to 95, will my stop loss order works ??

Yes, your SL-M will get executed when the price drops to 95. The only issue is that Indian stock exchanges don’t have the facility of GTC (good till cancelled) orders, so all pending orders are removed from the system by end of each day. You will have to place a new SL order every day, you could use after market orders if you don’t have time to get in front of the screen during the trading hours.

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Thanks for reply. This is what I wanted to know. But thing is doing it every day for every script is HELL man.
Anyway that’s good know.