Can anyone explain the highlighted terms?


Hey @Vaishnavi_Sharma,
There is one BIG secret about knowing all the stuff that nobody’s gonna tell you.
There is one super secret website (for knowing what website is you will still need to go to this website)

Once you open a browser, type in whatever you want to know


Hi Vaishnavi,

These terms/concepts are need more explanation than that can be provided in a forum post. I suggest you check out Investopedia (the bible of investment related terms) and search for these terms on the top right hand side corner.

~Neha (

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For a starter or demo of using this super secret premium service of Mr. Larry Page


you are brutal, @maddy_Des :grin:

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Ohhh my Gosh…Really:wink::wink:

yeah I really need this, great thanks to you Maddy.

Between it seems that you are a rare breed of people who can tolerate online brutality with brave face.
So as a rare concession for you, you can AMA with me.
Will be pleased to help any time.

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Thanks but Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face because I ask too many questions ?:joy:

Excellent response! I believe people who expect to be spoon-fed information (which is easily available) cannot really become good traders. Trading requires a lot of self-driven effort.

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Few days back he tried to trade in options?!
Can you believe that?! :open_mouth:

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Hi Neha,
As Investopedia is for Global Market, Is there any website , from where can learn about Indian Market… ?

Is this about me ?

Yes bro

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yeah, seriously Trading can spoil someone’s basic knowledge.

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Hence no worry.