Can anyone help me with brokerage comparision in Zerodha

Last few months back I have faced failed order execution in my intraday trades in Zerodha. So I thought I will give upstox a try. Although I am happy with order execution/fulfilment.

I am having second thoughts about

  1. I feel brokerage charges are bit more seeing nearly Rs 500/- for profit around 3500/-
  2. EQ trades are always broken into very less numbers for order matching (is this deliberately done? not sure). I guess this will addon to the brokerage

Heres link to contract notes for Intraday Trades:
[few numbers and stuff are deleted for privacy reasons]

in FnO Section:

in EQ Section:

I need help with

  1. Can anyone tell me if I would have taken those same trades in Zerodha how much i would have taken home after brokerages?

  2. In intraday for better brokerage rates, Is it better to trade in FnO or EQ. Please help me with an example

  3. Zerodha brokerage calculator in EQ shows brokerage as 40. wasnt it 20?

Thank you

Brokerage is Rs.40 for buy + sell.

Have you traded futures before?

No this is first time in intraday only

Trade equity and make a trading system that keeps you profitable. Then use the same trading system to trade futures and improve the system with time.

Don’t worry about brokerage for now. Worry only about making a solid trading plan.

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