can expenses be added to loss and carry forward?

Hi @Quicko , I have following questions:

  1. If I have 5k loss (Speculative) and 6k expenses (charges applied while doing transaction on zerodha like stamp duty, stt, cgst, sgst etc…) then loss that I can report is 5k or loss plus expenses i.e. 5+6 = 11k.

  2. Can I claim cost of courses like technical analysis course by Rachana ranade as expense? if yes then which option covers this on Quicko platform (among utilities, professional expense, others etc).

  3. Why Quicko is not fetching any charges that I have to pay while doing transaction on zerodha, charges like stamp duty, stt, cgst, sgst etc under expenses for me ? is it because I have loss only and no profit?


Hi @Shubham_Jambhulkar

  1. You can report 5+6=11k losses and carry forward for 4 financial years.
  2. Yes, you can claim the cost of courses like technical analysis course done for trading business. On Quicko, you can claim it under others adding Fees for Technical analysis as description.
  3. Quicko takes all the expenses while calculations. If you are trading only in Delivery based, then only brokerage can be claimed as an expense. Even fees paid to Quicko for filing ITR can be claimed as an expense under Professional Fees paid.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Quicko , thank you for clarification, I could use some more help with following,

  1. about 3rd point mentioned above, I have done some swing and intraday trading for which I can see around 6 to 7k under charges section on zerodha console, I am expecting this to show up as expense on Quicko as it auto fetches rest of my data but its not showing up there.

  2. When I click on E-file in Quicko it keeps loading with message that says:
    We will start E-Filing Soon !
    We are awaiting ITR schemas from IT Department. You will hear from us soon.
    I have waited for 10-15 mins but it gets stuck there, where can I reach out to get help with this.


Hi @Shubham_Jambhulkar ,

  1. If the charges are not auto fetched, you can manually add any charges which is incurred directly in relation to your Intraday trading in the other expenses tab in Quicko product.

  2. E-Filing is not enabled yet for the Quicko Product. It shall be live within 7-10 days more and then you would be able to E-file the same.

Hope it helps!

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