Can i apply Candlesticks studies to any Time Frame i.e. 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr or 1 day?

i asked this question becoz Whatever i read from varsity modules those candlesticks were applied on 1 day or 2 day charts.

Do you mean if you can apply candlestick pattern studies to candles of any time period? Yes, you can. The default chartview on Kite has about 100 candles. Maintaining 100 candles on the chart - 5 min candles cover a day, 15 min candles cover 3 days, 30 min candles cover 7 days, 1 hr candles cover 14 days and 1 day candles cover 5 months.

So regardless of whether you apply single or multi-candle studies, as you increase the period of a candle, this also increases the period of your study. You could use 5min,15 min candle patterns for day analysis; 30 min, 1 hour candles for week analysis and daily candles for month analysis

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Thank you! Understood

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