Can i apply for and IPO online?

Lets say i have a zerodha account( with ILFS as my DP) and also another demat account with HDFC Securities or ICICI Direct. Can i use ICICI ASBA facility to apply for IPO and get the shares remitted to Zerodha/ILFS DP account?
Is ASBA access available for normal ICICI / HDFC saving bank account holders or should we need to have demat accounts with them?

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1.Yes you can get it to IL&FS DP Account if you are applying from HDFC / ICICI, As you will be entering the details of your DP Account. It will be credited to your DEMAT which you specify at the time of filling the Application.

2.I dont have a Demat Account with HDFC Securities, but still i can apply for IPOs through ASBA Facility from HDFC Bank.

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