Can I apply for IPO through Zerodha?

The IPO season is here. D-Mart IPO just happened, NSE is coming soon, and a lot more. How do I apply for these using my Zerodha ID?

You can’t apply for IPO from within Zerodha platform, but you can use the client’s Zerodha DP ID and apply for IPO through his bank account. Almost all banks are giving an online platform to apply for IPO. Since you already have a demat account with Zerodha, you won’t need to open a new one with the bank to apply.

In the bank ASBA IPO form, you need to mention your 16 digit Zerodha DP ID (combination of Depository ID followed by Beneficiary ID you see on the profile page in Q). When the stocks are allotted, it shows up in the Zerodha demat account.

Check this link for an example on how to apply for IPO.

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I think this articles can help you in same

For Banks which are not listed above and you have account in just try to find Dmat & ASBA options in your online bank account and rest you can use any of the guide above on applying for any of the IPO.


can the same DP ID be used to purchase mutual funds NFO like UTI Nifty Next 50?

Are we able to apply for IPOs thru Zerodha directly? I don’t see a reason as to why not if we are able to apply for OFS directly thru Zerodha.

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