Can I buy 1 stock of Heg for buyback

What if I buy only one stock of HeG for buyback is there any regulations for one stock acceptance? Will this strategy work?

in my view you will be given preference in buyback but since it is proportionate method no surety.

HEG has proposed proportionate styled buyback and i do not think 100% acceptance ratio is possible unless the issue or any of the category itself remain under subscribed.

what is the buyback price & record date for HEG and BOSCH ?

Record date for BOSCH was in December and buyback will start next week from 06/02. .Heg last date to buy with buyback is 06/02 and buyback will start after about 15-30 days from record date.

So eligibility criteria will not include fraction? Minimum one should be there. Anybody did with this strategy in past?