Can I buy any strike on expiry day?

I read Shubhs comment on a thread saying that OI limits etc do not apply on expiry day.

I’m an option seller. I first sell options then buy some far strikes to reduce margin then sell some more options with freed margin.

Can I directly buy those far strikes on expiry day? This will save some steps and slippage for me.
For example, Monday is finnifty and MIDCP nifty expiry(Tuesday is a Holiday).
Can I buy required amount of Midcap Nifty and finiifty options so that I can directly sell as much as I want.

Otherwise, I will have to sell finnifty options, then buy finnifty options, then with freed margin sell MIDCP option, then buy allowed amount of Midcap options, then again with freed amount sell some more Midcap options.
This is quite irritating and causes slippage. Loss from slippages and missed opportunity is more than brokerage.

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@ShubhS9 @Meher_Smaran

Yes ofcourse . Doing this for past 1 year.

Yes, you can. On the day of expiry, you can buy options expiring on that day without any range restrictions.