Can i Buy Stocks @ Last Traded Price in Intraday

You get to see the LTP (last traded price) in hindsight, I mean you get to know what that price is only after the trade has already occurred. Can you buy at LTP, depends on whether the same price is available in the future or not, so answer maybe or maybe not.

Yes and No, both. If your particular scrip is available at ASK RATE, is equal to LTP then Yes otherwise No.

There are two things

LTP and closing price.

  • LTP is just an indication of what is the price at which recent trade has occured. You can only but at LTP if there are sellers/buyers at that price with the quantity you bid/ask.
  • You can buy stocks at closing price in post market session 3:40 to 4:00 pm. Even you can sell the stocks if you already have them in your demat account.

Yes you can buy today before market closing time and sell tomorrow.

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