Can I classify all Short term equity delivery trades as STCG instead of business income?

I have some long term holdings and holdings which I intend to hold for over a year. I am an investor for the most part. However, I also want to be able to book profits on shares (held for less than 1 year) when I feel further upside is capped. I understand that long term gains is tax free and short term capital gains (STCG ) has effective tax rate of about 15.5%.
I want to know is there any limit in terms of number of Short term trades I can execute for me to be classified as an investor and pay 15.5% tax instead of being classified as a business and taxed as per income slabs. Also I want to ensure that my long term holdings remain tax free when I sell them. For example: If I execute 50 trades in 1 Year, will i still pay 15.5% on ST trades and keep long term holdings tax free?

There is no standard formula for the Number of trades makes you classify under business/ Investor. The intent need to be clear for earning Dividend.

This circular will help you in defining the activity.

Anyone who does short term trading (only equity delivery) pls clarify this. Do you pay 15% tax or are you taxed as per tax slab?

If you are resident then you get basic slab of 2.5 Lacs and then straight 15% for STCG