Can I do 1000 plus trades semi automatically daily

I am working on a medium frequency scalping algorithm. I want to deploy it across many scrips at the same time and want to semi automate it so that I just have to click an ‘ok’ button to execute the trade. The algorithm handles the volume of the order.

  1. I am allowed to do over 1000 trades a day using this? (might go up in tens of thousands hypothetically; though it would be impossible to click so many times)

  2. Will my broking charges and taxes eat into my profits and make me go into loss?

  3. Will SEBI think I am auto trading and prosecute me? If yes, how to be safe and prevent?

  4. Is there a limit in Zerodha for the amount of positions at a given time?

  5. On an additional note(off topic), is there a way to trade in the foreign stock exchanges? (probably form a company and trade through it…?)

Thanks a lot! Any advice would be appreciated and thoughts are welcome.

Also, just out of curiosity, how will SEBI find out if I am algo trading? What if I tone down my algo to execute just 1 order every 5 to 10 seconds? If SEBI will find me based on my trading speed, then I could get caught if I traded very fast even with semi-automated trading system. Please someone shed some light on these topics. The documentation(rules by SEBI) for semi automatic trading seems almost nil.

Also, does Zerodha offer any unlimited trades fixed brokerage plans?



I am also trading the same style …i think it is no issue because order flow still normal channel…

Its not about SEBI finding out.

The Moral dilemma is, do you want to be a law abiding citizen or not?