Can I operate in Coin-started SIPs outside coin platform also, if needed?


I am looking for options to switch to Direct MFs and checking out Zerodha’s coin platform in that regard.

I wanted to know that if I start a SIP through Coin platform, can I execute transactions in that folio outside coin platform also -

  1. Say, by directly going to AMC website (during the period of my subscription) - to modify, redeem, cancel, etc?

  2. Will my SIP schemes remain working even if I discontinue using Coin platform?

Does Coin platform also issue a common folio number across AMCs, like MF Utiltiy does, for example?


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  1. You can purchase more units under the same folio number directly from the AMC but then those units will not reflect on COIN.

  2. The SIP instruction created on COIN will discontinue if you stop your investments

  3. The folio is assigned by the AMCs for their respective schemes. MF utility creates an account to track all your investments through their platform but each scheme would still have a folio number assigned to it.


Thank you for the information @faisr.

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