Can I place order on Interactive broker holiday, while NSE is open


I have read somewhere that when there is Holiday in US market while Indian Market is open, you
can’t trade/place order on NSE through Interactive broker. Is it true?
Can you place share your experience pros/cons of interactive broker?

I am thinking to opt for Interactive broker manily for option trade, but now a days sensibull also
provides Option strategy, but its not directly integrated in broker platform, you can link your broker.
@Sensibull can you please provide features of sensibull which is at par with interactive broker.


Yes it happened once that I know of.

Thanks @abbanerjee
Today I mailed them this query and got reply that you can trade in indian market even though
USA has holiday on that particular day. So issue might have been resolved as they might have team
in india.
Did you face issue recently? Whats pros/cons of IB?