Can i pledge my Mutual funds in NJ Wealth for trading FnO in Finvasia

I want to use my Mutual Funds as a collateral margin for FnO trading on Finvasia, is it possible? Can it be done through CDSL?


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I forgot to mention, mutual funds are with NJ Wealth, can it be used for margin through CDSL without transferring the mutual funds?

You’ll have to dematerialize them and transfer it to the CDSL account with Finvasia.

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As this is a bit new for me when it comes to pledging, can u please help? The more I am doing research on it, the more I am getting confused,

I can share my social networking details, so u can help. Thanks in advance.

Yes, I can help you with this.

I normally use Zerodha and they have a list of securities available for pledging - Approved list of Securities.

These are the securities approved by the clearing corporation. In the new pledging mechanism, the securities stay in your demat account and just a ‘pledge’ is marked against it.

But, since your MFs are in physical form, you’ll have to first get them dematerialized. You can go through this page for more info - Understanding the new margin pledge system — effective Aug 1, 2020 – Z-Connect by Zerodha Z-Connect by Zerodha

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