Can i sell philips india limited paper shares?

I recently came to know that we own some paper shares of philips india limited company. I know we need to convert them into DMAT account first, but i don’t see this company listed in zerodha, does that mean i can not sell it?

you can sell it offline after share dematerialized as Philips India already Delist from BSE/NSE. You can look into unlisted shares Buy/Sell services, But these are highly unregulated.

PHILIPS INDIA LTD : Yesterday on 28 .11.2022 i received 222 per share credit but from narration one can not find what is this for ? Dividend was already paid at 3 per share on 18.10.222 . it is an INTERIM dividend as per e mail query answer by company on 30 November along with A/R of 2021-22.