Can I set target and stop loss in my delivery based equity orders?

I want to know that can I set target and stop loss for delivery based equity shares.

If you are trading with Zerodha, I don’t think you can.

Because they have put a check on the holdings in account. Consider you have one share and have put a limit order for this. The system blocks this one share against this order and hence doesn’t allow you to place one more order for the same share. You’ll get an error " Check holdings for entity account-XXXX across exchange across segment across product

You can do this by setting one as MIS and other as CNC. But once one of the order executes you need to cancel the other manually.

If MIS executes, cancel the other CNC order and convert MIS to CNC.

If CNC executes, simply cancel the other MIS order.

But zerodha does not provide Good Till Date orders. So you need to place such orders everyday.

Also for doing this, you need margin to in your account for placing the MIS order, in addition to the shares in your demat account. Until we get OCO orders, One Cancels Other type of orders from zerodha.

I think you can do that. Wait for more answers. But you need to set every day manually. The position u set today will not be carried over to next day.

@AastroGuru Wonderful workaround