Can I trade capacite infra on the day of listing?

since many IPO’s I’m not able to trade on the listing date. Help me out on this

To curb volatility/manipulation, exchanges put stocks on listing day into T2T category. So only delivery based trades allowed. What it means is that if you have got stock in the IPO, you can sell them. If you buy fresh on listing day, you can’t sell them until stock comes to your demat, which is after 2 days.

So, can I do CNC of capacite shares on listing day at 10am?

@vikramkallam, As Nithin said, if you received allotment of shares in the IPO, you can sell them out on the listing date. But if you did not receive allotment, then you can buy shares on listing date using CNC. But you cannot sell these freshly bought shares on the same day as the stock will be in the T2T segment which means that you have to take delivery of the stock. You can sell it only after the stock is in your Demat account which is after T+2 days.
I was wrong in my first answer, removed it.

Matrimony is not visible on either of the exchanges for me