Can i trade the system with the following backtested results?

Hello all,

I have written the afl code for my system and when backtested on last one year’s data, it gave me the following results.

Annual return:- 61.07%,

Total no of trades:- 787,

Winning percentage:-40.79%,

Losing percentage :-59.21%,

Max. System drawdown:-12.32%.

As im new to this backtesting and quantitative analysis, can someone go through these results and give comments about it?

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

Have you accounted for Government charges & taxes? Transaction charges? Your broker’s brokerages… I think considering all these other charges, the strategy may not be very profitable.

i didn’t accounted them. I didn’t accounted the margin exposure. What must be the minimum return,total no. of trades and winning percent to actually consider the system??