Can i trade using someone else's account?

Hello, i got a new job for a company and my new boss wants me to trade in the stock market on his behalf. It is a construction company and have no business relating to the stock market. Now, my boss would invest his own money in his own demat account but wants me to manage it. Is it legal to trade in this circumstance? Do i have to be an authorized person or registered in any way to do this legally? Are there any rules and regulations regarding me getting a payroll under his company i.e the construction company and have no contributions to the construction part of the company? Please help me out.

Hey @HruaiaHrahsel,

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@HruaiaHrahsel, Not convincing enough to take this plunge.

  1. What’s your designation at the company.
  2. What happens if you don’t perform your regular construction tasks.
  3. What happens if you make losses in trades, who’s going to compensate it.
  4. Is it mentioned in your job profile.

You may want to ask these questions before getting into can you trade on his behalf or not.