Can I use relative stop-loss in kite platform using SL-M

For example in the above image, if I buy nifty at the market price and I want my stop-loss to be 23 points below the buy price. Can I add 23 in the Trigger Price?


The order window you are using is a Buy SL-M order. This order is used as a Stoploss for an already existing Sell position. A Buy SL-M order can also be used to Buy at a certain price above current market price.

From the Buy order window, you are only allowed to placed Buy orders. Similarly, to place a Sell order you will have to use the Sell order window.

To Buy 1 lot of Nifty at Market price for Intraday(MIS), you have to use the Buy order window as shown below:

Suppose your Buy order gets executed at 8803, then if you place a Sell Stoploss order with trigger 23 points below, you have to use the Sell order window as shown below:

Your trigger price will be 8803 - 23 = 8780.

If you wish to place a Sell target order as well, then you will have to place a separate Sell Limit order from the Sell order window with your desired target price. Let’s say you wish you place a target 20 points above your buy price at 8823, then you have to use the Sell order window as shown below:

Please note that all 3 orders mentioned here are 3 separate orders.

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No, you cannot specify the absolute number of SL points in the trigger field. Trigger field should only contain relevant price information.

However, you can specify a fixed number of ticks using a bracket order.

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