Can Indian Companies trade in overseas markets?

I am aware of the fact that RBI doesn’t allow Indian individuals to trade in overseas markets. But if I were to start a pvt ltd company or an LLP, then can I trade in overseas markets?
Also, I am open to opening a company in an offshore location like singapore or Mauritius, if I am allowed to trade overseas.

The rules are the same, even if you started a company in India.

If you open a company outside India, you’d be circumventing regulations which is not advisable, but yeah you can.

Sir, for kind information there are no any clear guideline about international stock market trading from RBI, SEBI or FEMA / FERA.
All the regulation about out-word remittances by RBI or FEMA guideline for marginal trading and investment in oversees stocks.
Also the time have changed about trading and now days money is secondary item for trading and primary item is SKILL for profitable trading. A Indian individual or corporate can engage in trading without their own investment for trading on behalf of SKILL. As per my knowledge few prop firms and looking towards India and Indian guys to show their talent in trading. They facilitate to passionate candidates for practice and hope the passionate guys will make themselves as profitable trader through practice. But the Indian college going and college pass-out guys are not such aware about this career opportunity and UNFORTUNATELY who may think about this, they stuck in this legal & illegal terminology.
If I am wrong, please correct me peoples.