Can individuals file returns with big 2 audit firms?

Any idea of EY & Delloitte on how much do they charge for filing of returns for individuals with no tax audit as per Zerodha varsity

Do not think the Big 4 file returns. They might recommend you to income tax return preparers empanelled with them. These vendors might charge in the INR 5000 to 10000 range depending upon the extent of accounting work involved.

preparers empanelled with them Means can’t understand this

The Big 4 would recommend other people to you. These people will prepare your ITR for a fee. The fee depends upon how much work they need to put it.

Understood ,so the copy of IT returns it same irrespective of who does it or any difference ?

Your IT Returns are essentially your accounting records filled in a certain format provided by the Income Tax Department. So, regardless of who files it they should be the same.

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Thanks for the timely clarification

Specifically I like EY

Why would you want to go with them especially for being an individual ? It costs so much that I can’t even imagine myself doing so ?! Am I missing something here you don’t want to share ? Why don’t you go to your usual accountant ? Or things really got bigger ?:wink:

I think that Big 4 companies are charging high fees for Tax filling. Certainly, you can try to get same service with your local accountant for much less money. It might be that you can fill your Tax by yourself, if you invest some time in learning local regulation