Can INFY recover from current positions?

INFY has taken support of 200 EMA. Hit low of 615.10 this week.
Next support i see is at 599.85
Will it break 600 levels considering it as a major psychological levels ?

This is open ended question and has subjective answer,no one can give a binary( yes/no) reply to this, to put it simple if the rumor on it came true it may fall more and it turns out to be false it can go up.

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I have brought PE as lottery :stuck_out_tongue: waiting for the fall.

I think max it can fall is to 500-550 levels. So anyone planning to invest should do so with that in mind, not putting lumpsum at current levels.

I personally would have put in, but I dont have any interest in IT stocks for investment. If it goes to 500-550 levels, maybe I may take a positional trade.

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There cant not be only one cockroach in the kitchen . There must be bunch of cockroachs

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Honestly I think it’ll recover. Maybe it’ll drop a bit if the current allegations turn out to be true, but after some people get replaced it’ll bounce back.

I know people keep saying “but what about Satyam” - and though Satyam was also big, it was nothing compared to what Infosys is today, so I don’t see it failing.


Just like when Sikka was removed from board, INFY bounced from that levels.

i m too planning to buy heavily at 550 levels.

Stock like INFY is very difficult to break 200 EMA . Also IT index is up.

this is the stock available below intrinsic value, has fundamentally good company for long term , nothing to worry little by little to accumulating is good strategy , even this news infosys did in fall that much , he have a order book of in millions dollars , this is the time to invest like blue chip company ,

When American express fall 50 % - warren buffet buy million shares on that time , now he is one of the stake holder also, when bluechip is falling thats a good time to buy , Buy the fear , and sell the greed


It recovered very well.

i buy 500 qty @ 635 now see this is fundamental if its going down i will buy more


Nice move