Can liquidbees go default in worst condition?

I think most of us are parking money in Liquid bees to get some interest money. It is ultra secure and never ever have lost money. They park money in CBLO and FDs if I am not wrong.

But will liquid bees survive in case of doomsday scenario when the entire world is having credit crisis ? Who will give guarantee if it falls :frowning:

is there ultimate guaranty for anything in world…

Wrong question to ask in this day and age mate. The only way your money stays safe is it if you hide it in a mattress or put it in a sock and hide it in your cupboard. But even if you do, if your govt f*** up then it may lead to inflation or worse hyperinflation leading to an erosion of value in your currency. If your govt doesn’t f*** up and elects a socialist then as the one only original liberal witch of the west - Margaret Thatcher said

Put your savings in the bank—and they’ll nationalize it.

Put your savings in a pension fund or a life assurance company—and a Labour Government would force them to invest the money in their own socialist schemes.

Put your savings in your socks and they’d nationalize socks.

FYI between 2008 and 2016 over 460 banks were shut down

There is no absolute safety of your money. It’s all relative mate.

Gold is always a safe option. Infact, Gold itself is the original and real money. Can depreciate a little but is much safer than paper or Digital money.

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