Can money be made by doing intraday trading?

can money be made by doing intraday trading?

Yes Sir, In fact, in my past years experience with indian market has taught me that intraday is the best way to make money and indian market is very volatile and unpredective(lot of political and international news effects overnight). Gap up or gap down in the wrong direction can wipe out your entire account. I’ve been there. I have been trading intraday for almost 6 months now and I realize more and more that intraday is the only way to go( unless you are interested in long term holdings). look for intraday strategies that suit you, backtest them and trade carefully. Happy trading…


Yes money can be made by doing intraday trading with discipline,money management.

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@RahulN Yes, For Sure This is the only way to make Quick money but Maket gives you what you deserve.
You Need to work smart to make money in Intraday.
You Need to keep changing your strategy.
You Have to be a Risk Taker.
Cut your loss as soon as possible.
This is not the place for those who regret.
Decide your Profit & Loss Before taking Trades.
Keep Your emotions Side.

Keep Trading!!!


As far as I know, (I m not a day trader) What an intraday trader does is to run ahead of the market and try to beat it. That’s where the problem is. Market is not your girlfriend but a 600 pound Gorilla, if anyone does a monkey dance in front of a Gorilla, god only knows what is going to happen to their bottom.

On top of it, there are sneak attack crocs( algos) who are 1000 time faster than your fingers.



can you throw some light on the words ‘money management’ which you have used in your comment please? thx