Can someone explain how exactly Liquid Bees works?

Dividends as units and in fractions how one would redeem those fraction units to money.

Explained above!

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I didn’t find it in this thread that how to redeem fraction units to money. Only i can find how to check those fraction units on cdsl. Would you please paste it again 'how to redeem fraction units to money ’

My bad :slight_smile: Confused it for a different thread. Here you go

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Quick question. How to place AMO order for ETF ?(knowing that etf doesn’t takes place in pre market)
I want to place a trade for market opening. 9.15
Is it possible to use disclose function or SL function using AMO to place the trade at 9.15


What if dividends are less than a thousand rupees? @nithin @siva

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Explained here:

@Bhuvan I saw the process of selling fractional liquid bees, kind of complicated. but is it worth it to buy liquid bees or is it better to withdraw the money to my bank account and when I need it put it back in?

ETFs are mutual funds, so you can have fractional units. But on the exchange you will only be able to sell full units – so you have to wait until the additional units grows to 1 unit or more.
Refer here:

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Then even after I sell, do I get the dividend those T+2? If not who enjoys the dividend?