Can someone explain this please? Lost around 9k in last 3 days

I’m getting charged almost doubled whenever I lose. What is the taxable value of supply?
Even If I gain some profit like yesterday I made +77 INR but still 488 INR got debited from my zerodha account.

Hi @Satyam_Sadaye,

Taxable Value of Supply is the brokerage, and there are also other exchange charges and taxes.
You can check out all the charges and brokerage here.

For you to be profitable in a trade, you must make a profit more than these charges.

So, before you take a trade, you can use this calculator to check if your target will be sufficient to be profitable after all these charges are deducted.
Only if it is, you can go ahead and take the trade, else it will be of no use.

What kind of trades you are doing? Maybe you are just taking big margin for intraday trades

In those, brokerage will be higher. And profit or loss is left to god/destiny

Probably the victim of overtrading and revenge trading which only earns more money for the brokers and the exchanges via huge taxes.

Answer is simple. You have done MIS trading (non delivery based) and that too in large quantities. In the process you have made small gross profit of 77/- but your brokerage, STT and other charges have made you a net loser. I hope you know that non delivery based trades in Equities attract brokerages in addition to STT, GST, exchange transaction charges, SEBI charges etc etc. Detailed calculation is provided by Zerodha in its website

Got it guys! Thank you for your replies. :slight_smile:

Try the brokerage calculator and see the breakeven. And try to replicate the same and find the charges. Then do the actual trades. (if not done else just skip my comments - No offence. )

Yes, I’ve learnt from my mistakes :slight_smile: Last two days were good!

i am also facing same proble , can you give some advice to avoid this.
making profit but money loss finally.