Can there be two ltp at same time for a stock?

suppose that there are 100 market order on buy and sell side,both came at excact same time. And best bid is 3000 limit order at 5.95 rupee and best offer if 5000 at 6 rupee.
now when 100 buy market order will be match with offer limit order and 100 sell market order will be match with bid limit order at that momment we will have 2 ltp.
am i right? if yes then how upcoming market order will be match?

There will be only one LTP, one of the market order (buy or sell) will be executed first based on the order queue ( among million of orders).

on nse it is clearly written that matching order engine is design in such a way that it will not allow any side(buy or sell) have any advantage over the other.But by saying it will match one before other it break that rule.

As per my understanding, this won’t happen. Orders are put in a queue and it is this queue which is fed to the matching engine. So no two orders can be at the exact same time as far as the matching engine is concerned.